Professional House Moving and Office Moving Across Malaysia

We offer truck rental for services in all forms of establishments; apartments, condominiums, houses, offices and everything in between varies from very small to very large packages.

Home & Office Moving Specialists All over Malaysia

We are a fully bumiputra-owned company that has more than 10 years of experience in this field and operates in Shah Alam and Kuala Lumpur offering delivery & transfer services for home, office or food throughout Malaysia.

Each of our employees has been professionally trained in handling and taking care of our customers’ goods. With high experience and skills, we are confident that we can provide guarantees to our customers on every item that is entrusted to us.


Quick Respond

We provide quick responses and quotes to our customers. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Safe & Secure

We always make sure that your items are safe and secure either during the lifting process or in the truck.



Our teams are trained and experienced. We also make sure you get friendly treatment from our teams.

Our Services

We at always make sure to provide the best for our customers with the best service from our experienced employees.

The delivery & moving services offered by our company cover the following areas:

House Moving

Rental lorry services for house moving and small items throughout Malaysia including Sabah & Sarawak with reasonable prices and trained and experienced workers.

Office Moving

Office moving rental lorry service either with a lorry or just hire workers with reasonable prices and well-trained, experienced and friendly staff.

Items Moving

Send your items such as furniture, pianos, tires, motorcycles or items you want to dispose of anywhere throughout Malaysia including Sabah & Sarawak.


Rental lorry services for house moving and small items throughout Malaysia including Sabah & Sarawak with reasonable prices and trained and experienced workers.

Our Packages

Lori Sewa Pindah Rumah

Mover Package

Driver Only

  • 1 Tan – RM200
  • 2 Tan – RM250
  • 3 Tan – RM350
  • 5 Tan – RM450
Lori Sewa Pindah Rumah

Bajet Mover Package

1 Driver 2 Workers

  • 1 Tan – RM300
  • 2 Tan – RM400
  • 3 Tan – RM500
  • 5 Tan – RM600
Lori Sewa Pindah Rumah

Pro Mover Package

1 Driver 2 Workers

  • 1 Tan – RM900
  • 2 Tan – RM1400
  • 3 Tan – RM1600
  • 5 Tan – RM1800

Customer Feedback

Servis terbaik..memudah kn proses perpindahan rumah bg saya..terima kasih krew2 muqmeen movers.

Muhamad Fasmi
Muhamad Fasmi Banting

Service terbaik. Staff yang cekap & profesional. Harga berpatutan. Selamat maju jaya. Saya bagi 5 bintang.

Muhammad Farhan
‎Muhammad Farhan Kuala Lumpur

Provide very good and professional service. Affordable price.

Rosheila Rosheila
Rosheila Rosheila Pulau Pinang

services sangat bagus 👍👍👍👍

Nur Afiqah Aqilah Noh
Nur Afiqah Aqilah Noh Kuala Lumpur

Best recommended for everybody 👍

Sofiah Hamid Ipoh

Servis tip top dan puas hati sangat.

Saha Zulkiffali
Saha Zulkiffali Sarawak

Servis tip top. Memang terbaik.

Eina Ahmad
Eina Ahmad Pulau Pinang

Servis tip top. Memang terbaik.

Siti Ejah
Siti Ejah Pahang

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